The House of Mercy all Muslim Cemetery is making the burial sites available to the members of Islamic community. By purchasing the grave the funeral and other related services are donated to the owner of grave at no extra charge.

A total package of cemetery and funeral home services is being offered. This includes the followings:


1.      Burial site

2        Burial Cement Casing

3        Preparation of body (washing and wrapping according to the Muslim tradition)

4        Opening and closing of the gravesite*

5        Funeral services (obtaining death certificate and burial permit)*

6        Transfer of body from place of death to the HOM cemetery*

7        Use of facility for religious ceremonies (Prayer ceremonies before burial)


*Additional cost may apply for burial services on weekends and holidays


Not included in the above global package are the followings:

1.      Memorial stone**

2.      Flowers

3.      Gratitude to the clergyman

4.      Cost of any reception

5.      Traditional 3rd, 7th, 40th, and annual ceremonies

**HOM policy is for a memorial stone to be placed on the grave within four months after the burial.

For further information and purchase of burial sites please complete the “personal information form” and fax it to 253-638- 9989.

Contact Information::

1.      Michael Wallen, HOM cemetery (206) 818-3964; or  emergency TEL: (253) 691-5055

2.      House of Mercy All- Muslim cemetery direct telephone line is, TEL: (253) 638-9989

3.      House of Mercy All-Muslim Cemetery is located at

15004 - 256th St. Covington, WA 98042

4.      For “advance purchase of burial site and services” please contact the HOM if the death is imminent. We recommend strongly that you make the arrangement before the death occurs. With “preneed purchase of grave” the family will avoid unnecessary stress and the HOM will be able to expedite the burial of the deceased.

        House of Mercy Price List*


. Complete burial and funeral services                                                                  $5000.00   

   Endowment Care funds                                                                                         $300.00

   Total Package                                                                                                         $5300.00                                                                                                     

. complete burial and services for children(up to 54 inches tail)

   lncluding live Births                                                                                             $3500.00

  Endowment Care funds                                                                                         $300.00

  Total Package                                                                                                         $3800.00 

. Burial of premature infants and stillborns before 20 wks                                  $500.00

. Burial of premature infants and stillborns after 20 wks                                     $1000.00

  (Death Certificate needed)

. Transport only, transport of the body to other cemetery                                  $1000.00

. Funeral services, use of body preparation facilities and

  Transfer of body to other cemeteries for burial                                                   $1500.00

. Obtaining death certificate and buriat permit and recording                           $200.00 

. Use of body preparation facilities only                                                               $500.00

. Discounts. The House of Mercy will offer a 10% discount for the purchase

  of 10 Plots or more.

  Extra Charges:

           Saturday Burials                                                                                              $600.00

           Sunday Burials                                                                                                $1200.00

           Holidays                                                                                                           $1200.00

           Kafan-Female                                                                                                  $75.00

           Kafan-Male                                                                                                      $50.00

           The House of Mercy will take Credit card payments. A 0.035% Fee will be added

           to each purchase.